Top  Common Violations
1. Fire Extinguisher Expired.
2. Emergency Light & Bell not working.
3. In Case of Fire signs missing on floors.
4. Ventilation in Machine Room not working.
5. Elevator ID Number at Lobby on Duplex 
6. Door Zone Restrictor missing.
7. Key to Machine Room not on premises.
8. Phone not working.
9. Poor Housekeeping.
10. Lighting in Machine Room, Pit and Cab.
11. Code Data Plate
12.Emergency Evacuation Procedure
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What Every Elevator Owner
Needs to Know:
NEW 2010 Florida Statute Ch. 399 Firefighter Service Compliance
Updates to the Safety Code for Existing Elevators and Escalators, ASME A17.1 and A17.3, which require Phase II Firefighters’ Service on elevators may not be enforced until July 1, 2015, or until the elevator is replaced or requires major modification, whichever occurs first, on elevators in condominiums or multi-family residential buildings, including those that are part of a continuing care facility licensed under chapter 651, or similar retirement community with apartments, having a certificate of occupancy by the local building authority that was issued before July 1, 2008. This exception does not prevent an elevator owner from requesting a variance from the applicable codes before or after July 1, 2015. This subsection does not prohibit the division from granting variances pursuant to s. 120.542 and subsection (8). The division shall adopt rules to administer this section.
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